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Classic Potato Salad - Oil Free!

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

As summer is coming to an end, I wanted to give you guys one more delicious and easy recipe perfect for the last of our warm days here in Pittsburgh.

Classic potato salad that is oil-free but tastes just like the potato salad you enjoyed before being whole food plant-based.

I think all of our grandmothers would be pleased with how spot-on this recipe is to the original!

Print the recipe here:

Download PDF • 51KB

Classic Potato Salad (Oil-Free)
By: Brittany Jaroudi 
The Jaroudi Family
3 cups of potatoes cooked with the skins on
(I like small red skin potatoes or Yukon gold)
1/2 cup raw cashews (or hemp hearts or sunflower seeds) 
½ cup silken tofu (or white beans!)
2 tbsp lemon juice 
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar 
1 tsp garlic powder 
1 tsp onion powder 
1 tsp white miso
¼ cup unsweetened nondairy milk 
1 ½ cups red onions diced 
1 ½ cups celery diced 
1 tbsp Dijon mustard
1 tbsp dried dill
Dash of Smoked Paprika
1.)  Cook the potatoes until fork tender, drain water – and set aside in a large bowl
2.)  Mash potatoes slightly
3.)  Blend together all of the sauce ingredients in a high-speed blender 
4.)  Add in chopped red onions, celery, Dijon mustard, and dried dill to the large bowl with potatoes -- Stir well
5.)  Add in the sauce to classic potato salad mixture and fold in
6.)  Sprinkle on smoked paprika and refrigerate classic potato salad

I hope you'll give these recipes a try, and let us know if you liked it!

We love seeing photographs of our recipes and just in general hearing from you guys!

Watch our Classic Potato Salad Recipe Video Here

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