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Dr. Greger Thursday | Pumpkin Seed Dip

So excited to start our Dr. Greger Thursday series here on our youtube channel!

We will be going through the How Not Die Cookbook, How Not to Diet Cookbook, and website.

Today we are featuring Pumpkin Seed Dip from page 35 in the How Not to Die Cookbook.

Since the recipe is from a cookbook we will not be posting any exact measurements in this series.

However, you can get a good idea of the recipes from our video, and after you purchase or borrow the book from a library - you can cook alongside!

How Not to Die Cookbook:

How Not to Diet Cookbook:

How Not to Die:

Things Mentioned in Today's Video:

Daily Dozen Checklist:

The 'Pumpkin Seed Dip' has an amazing amount of flavor and would be wonderful just as a dip but also placed on a whole food plant-based burger or any type of patty!

Daily Dozen Items from this recipe: Beans, Other Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds, and Herbs and Spices

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