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Easy Vegetable Broth

Vegetable broth is one of those recipes everyone should know how to make.

Plus it can save you so much money because the oil-free veggie broths are pretty pricey.

Another really awesome way to use homemade veggie broth is to pour into an ice cube tray and freeze. When looking to sauté without oil, use one veggie broth ice cube!

Our recipe is simple, easy, and packed full of flavor surely enhancing any dish.

Look at that bold color of the broth!

Print the recipe here:

Vegetable Broth
Download PDF • 67KB

Vegetable Broth
By: The Jaroudi Family 
10 cups of water
1 medium red onion with skins (chopped)
5 carrots chopped 
5 stalks of celery 
2 cups of miscellaneous vegetables chopped (zucchini, squash, turnip, tomato, mushrooms, leeks, cabbage, kale, chard, potatoes, rutabaga, cauliflower, broccoli)
1 tbsp parsley (dried)
1 tbsp thyme (dried)
1 tbsp rosemary (dried)
½ tsp black pepper
1 tbsp white miso (optional) – leave out till the end after cooking veggie broth
1 bay leaf 
Add all ingredients to a large pot (except miso) and bring to a boil over high heat.
Simmer for around twenty minutes. 
Strain the vegetable broth and stir in white miso
Store in the freezer or refrigerator. 

I hope you'll give these recipes a try, and let us know if you liked it!

We love seeing photographs of our recipes and just in general hearing from you guys!

P.s. - You guys might know him has the other “silent” part of The Jaroudi Family. Today is my husband Marc’s birthday!! He is my official taste tester and listens to all my recipe ideas rambling - I couldn’t do any of it without him!

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Sep 24, 2020

Happy Birthday Marc!🎉🎊🎈


Debora Shurtliff Stoddard
Debora Shurtliff Stoddard
Sep 24, 2020

Happy Birthday, Marc! I hope you feel well celebrated and loved by the time you sleep tonight! My birthday is tomorrow so we’re almost twins! 😊😊

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