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Oat Shake | Ginger Pear

Breakfast on the go or a delicious end of day treat - our ginger pear oat shake is a must.

While in the middle of the holiday season having a quick go-to recipe is key for staying on track.

I love having the ginger pear oat shake for a fast breakfast option or as my end of the day dessert.

You can add in additional spices or play around with the amount of ground ginger used.

Our recipe can even be made the day before!

Print the recipe here:

Oat Shake -Ginger Pear
Download PDF • 94KB

Ginger Pear Oat Shake 
Serving Size: 1  
By: The Jaroudi Family  

1 cup nondairy milk unsweetened unflavored  
1 ripe banana (You can also use 1 cup of a cooked Japanese sweet potato without the skin) 
1 ripe pear chopped  
½ cup rolled oats  
1 cup of ice cubes 
Ground ginger (1/4 tsp up to 1 tsp)  

In a high-speed blender add-in, all shake ingredients (except ginger) and blend until well combined  
Add in ¼ tsp of ginger at a time. If you’d like more add slowly until the desired amount.

*Add in flax meal or ground chia seeds for extra nutrition.  
*Frozen bananas also work wonders for this recipe.
*1 tsp of pumpkin pie or apple pie spice also is a great option! 

I hope you'll give these recipes a try, and let us know if you liked them!

We love seeing photographs of our recipes and just in general hearing from you guys!

Watch our Ginger Pear Oat Shake recipe here.

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