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PBNSG Cookbook - Grand Slam Tempeh Burger

For our Thursday videos in the month of February, I will be sharing a few recipes we love from Perfectly Plant-Based Cookbook by PBNSG.

Who is PBNSG?

Plant-Based Nutrition Support Group is a non-profit organization dedicated to evidence-based education and advocacy of plant-based whole food nutrition and an active lifestyle, to help you prevent or reverse chronic disease and achieve optimal health.


Since the pandemic, PBNSG has moved all meetings to the virtual environment, which means no matter where in the world you live - it's available to you! They host cooking classes, lectures, and have a plant-based community support group that meets as well!

One thing I love about the cookbook Perfectly Plant-Based is the community members help create it!

Show off the flavors of whole food plant-based NO OIL cuisine in your kitchen at home with 110 new and original PBNSG recipes from 23 different nationally renowned plant-based chefs! This book also includes the story of Paul Chatlin, Founder of PBNSG, and a Foreword written by Ann Crile Esselstyn.

Purchase the cookbook here:

[Use the code: PBNSGSAVE$5 in the month of February for 5 dollars off the Perfectly Plant-Based Recipe Book.]


We made the Grand Slam Tempeh Spinach and Sweet Potatoes Burger from page 105 for today's YouTube video.

You can view the video here.

Wishing you all the best,


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