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Plant-based Conference in June!

Before the pandemic happened last summer, I was scheduled to present at a few plant-based conference events. Unfortunately, those were canceled, and I've been just sharing my story & recipes online.

However, this summer I am scheduled to present in person at the NHA Conference on June 25th - June 27th in Ohio. Beyond excited to be one of the cooking demonstrations the NHA will have, and they have in-person tickets available and virtual!!

Wanting to attend the NHA conference in person and meet my husband Marc & me. They have about 30 seats still available.

If you'd like to see everything that happens at the event but not ready to travel yet. They have a virtual option. You can view the conference and interact with us live in real-time or watch the recordings—access to the online recordings for 6 months after.


Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. Alan Goldhammer (from True North), Dr. Michael Klaper, and more! Plus, Dillion from Well Your World and myself will be presenting cooking demonstrations.

You’ll get to participate in the Q&A sessions along with the audience.

In addition, we’ll have morning yoga and tai chi together.

Attend the cooking demos with your favorite chefs.

We’ll walk you around the hotel on conference breaks and let you meet the doctors and some attendees, see the children’s area, experience the food (virtually...we’ll provide the recipes!)

AND there will be plenty of interactive elements like a special networking area where you can connect with real people attending the conference!

Pretty awesome! I hope you'll join in all the plant-based fun.

I'm really excited for this opportunity to share my love of the whole food plant-based lifestyle with everyone.


Did you see I recently interview Dr. Greger for our YouTube channel! I had so much fun chatting with him. You can view the video here:

Have a great week!

All the best,


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