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What I Eat In A Day - March 1st

I hope you all enjoyed our video today showing everything I had to eat.

Leave us a comment if this was helpful or if you had any item you'd like to see made into a recipe video.

Have a great week!

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Jun 06, 2020

Love all your videos. Can I ask if the photos you showed, particularly the lunch salad, were just your portions? The reason I ask is that I've tried wfpb to lose weight but i find I'm consuming large amounts as I love to eat lots! And I'm putting weight on rather than losing. Thanks,x


Apr 30, 2020

So proud of you

Are you concerned of the plastic that surrounds the lid of instant pot cookware?

Please share recipe for all dressings and condiments.

If all the young adults take time out and pay attention to what goes into their mouth the world would be healthier.

So happy for you.

Please keep up your good work 😘


Debbie Gartner
Debbie Gartner
Mar 08, 2020

Lentil loaf recipe please.

Love the camper!!!


Pat White
Pat White
Mar 07, 2020

Love your camper - can’t wait to see the new videos with adventures and awesome food!


Mar 02, 2020

Can't wait to see the adventures you'll have in your Scamp Camper! I want one too! So excited for you! Congratulations! Love from Brooklyn NY! XO

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