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Raspberry Peach Popsicles

Easy summer treat the whole family will love!

Pittsburgh in August is usually very warm and with temperatures being in the 90's lately I was craving a cool treat. Putting together two of my favorite fruits - raspberry & peach - it was destiny to create a great popsicle recipe!

Popsicle Making with Ease

Need an easy treat idea? Try making your own popsicles!

I found a great mold on amazon (click here) for around $20 made from silicone which holds up to 10 popsicles. I love that its easy to clean in the top rack of your dishwasher and comes out effortlessly when your popsicles have set up. I make all different flavors and even have experimented with a "fudge" pop that is still whole food plant based. However, raspberry and peach popsicles are still our number one treat.

Secrets of a Great Popsicle

My big secret for creating a great popsicle your family will love is adding in whole pieces of fruit throughout your layers. I love finding a little piece of raspberry or peach as I make my way through my treat. It also makes for a really beautiful dessert.

Ready to learn

Are you ready to make your own frozen treat? Check out the YouTube video I made on how easy this recipe is and you'll only need two ingredients!

You can catch the video here.

Get Inspired

What is your favorite fruit or popsicle recipe, I'd love to know?!

Leave a comment on this post and I will make sure to try it next time!

The variations are endless and I always love changing up what we make in our kitchen.

All the best,


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2 commentaires

28 sept. 2019

I would love the fudgsicle recipe!


13 août 2019

I'd love a good creamy fudgsicle. Do you have any recipes for that? I am making your raspberry peach popsicle today. thank you!

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